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Opening in 1997 in Olympia, WA, Pilates At Play was the first fully-equipped studio to provide certified instruction in the method of Pilates between Seattle and Portland.

Located at Levity Loft in downtown Olympia at 219 Legion Way SW, Pilates At Play not only features high ceilings, eclectic decor, comfortable AC/Heat, natural and incandescent lighting guaranteeing a non-judgmental and playful environment; but serves as a cooperative space where other premier practitioners operate independently.

Regardless of age, gender, physical condition, or level of experience, our team mutually values joy and hope as the "keys" to human restoration and creative transformation; so, directly contact practitioners below for more info or to sign up for their specific offerings.

~Trisha Hatfield-Graves~ 

Trisha Hatfield-Graves is a fully-Certified Pilates Master Instructor with training that includes:

  • Two 3-year full-certification programs;

    • NY Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska

    • Core Dynamics with Michele Larsson, protege of Eve Gentry

  • Anatomy 101

  • 1000 apprenticeship hours per program

  • 25+ years experience as a practitioner of Pilates

Since opening Pilates At Play* in 1997, Trisha has provided in-studio private and group instruction on the Classical Apparatus, as well as Pilates Mat (virtual and in-studio).


In 2015, Trisha founded Matrix Pilates Instructor's Certification, an in-house mentoring program featuring Apparatus and Mat.

Pilates at Play, LLC

Trisha has also enjoyed the privilege of serving as invitational featured guest instructor at workshops, as well as national and international retreat platforms such as Cascina Papaveri Pilates Retreat and Organic Vineyard in Piedmont Italy.

Trisha has established a signature approach producing results by embracing Joseph Pilates' philosophy of incorporating full-body disciple and control with the intangible health benefits of creative levity, playfulness and human connection.

~Heather Christopher~

 Perennial Pilates, LLC


Heather Christopher is a certified Pilates and QiGong instructor in Olympia, WA. A private and group Pilates apparatus and mat instructor since 2009, Heather has also developed her own unique class format combining Pilates and modern barre fitness exercises.


Heather helps people maintain health, reduce stress, and boost energy with Pilates and QiGong (a practice that has been proven to work for over 4,000 years). QiGong is gentle, easy to learn, and is compatible with other forms of natural medicine, healthy lifestyle, and self-care practices.

Heather is deeply saddened by the mainstream fitness media marketing machine that trains us to hate our bodies, encourages restriction and self-punishment, and makes grandiose claims about getting a "perfect" body or 

becoming a whole new you. She believes that you and your body are worthy of love. Right now. Just as you are. Heather's classes won't change who you are, but they might help you appreciate what your body can do. Join her for mindful movement to support wellness, kindness, and confidence as a defiant act of self-love and care.

~Cally Crabtree~

Cally Crabtree has been teaching pole dancing classes in downtown Olympia since she completed her Pole Dance Instructor Certification in  2004. She is an extroverted, sex-positive, inclusive feminist who believes that feminine sensual/sexual expression is one of the most powerful forces on the planet!

Her classes and workshops are irreverent, playful, and laid back. She encourages laughter and believes it is an integral part of what makes her classes so effective and welcoming. Plus- being able to laugh at one's self makes it easier to persevere through the awkward stages of pole dancing and/or learning new moves.

Her main objectives as your instructor are to keep you safe, encourage and support you in your pole endeavors, and create a positive, accepting, caring, and compassionate space in which you are free to let your hair down, let your guard down, explore movement and make mistakes.

Community is very important to her. She believes we all need a diverse, healthy, caring community in order to thrive both personally and collectively.

Pole at Play

The ever-growing, constantly evolving Pole at Play community is built on a foundation of compassion, friendship, camaraderie, and personal growth.  She strives to make sure every one of her students know that they are a part of the community from the moment they step into the studio.

~Kelly Schauble~ 
Kelly Schauble opened Symbio Bliss Massage in 2018 at Pilates at Play in downtown Olympia. Owning her own massage practice had been a dream of hers for 18 years and she was beyond thrilled to open her doors and welcome you to her dream come true. Massage therapy is so much more than a job to her. it is her passion and her purpose in life. Every massage she gives is 100% tailored to each individual on her massage table. Kelly knows that there is not one style of massage that works for everyone and she makes it a point to listen to your needs and assess what techniques may work best. She is trained in many different massage modalities which gives her the ability to handle a variety of muscle disfunctions in a very effective and very enjoyable way. For Kelly, there is no greater joy than putting people into a state of pure bliss and giving them the ability to live their life healthier and happier.

Symbio Bliss Massage

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