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Amazing women and a fantastic atmosphere! I highly recommend this studio!

~Lyndsae E.

I am currently taking Trisha's Pilates Mat class and Cally's Pole Dancing class. This mother and daughter duo make every class fun yet challenging. I don't think there has been one class that I haven't been laughing within the first five minutes, and then ended the class feeling completely satisfied with the workout. They accommodate to each person's individual needs in class, and are willing to help you through any struggles you are having. These classes are the highlight of my day!

~Sierra E.

I've been taking mat classes and small group or private reformer classes for almost 7 years now. My time here is an essential part of my health and mental well being. The classes are well taught by highly trained and experienced instructors. If you've tried Pilates at a larger gym or by watching something online and didn't like it, you will find the experience here very different! The instructors are so in tune with where I am, they tailor their instruction to what I need, and I have never hurt afterwards. They have helped me get in tune with my body in new ways. And the core work has improved my posture and breathing. I actually did Pilates breathing when my child was born 4 years ago. Since then, I've gone to the studio as I dealt with PPD and the stresses of being a working mom. The atmosphere is caring, loving, and nurturing. I highly recommend it!

~Kara M.

You feel completely amazing after a class! Best decision I've ever made. Hands-down. Period!

~Silva G.

I love doing Pilates! It is a way to exercise that challenges me but can still be done when not everything moves the way one wants it to. All in all, I love that the studio is downtown, close to where I work; the atmosphere is casual and friendly; the decor gloriously funky; and the workout so satisfying, whether on the apparatus or on the mats.

~Kathy M.

Wow, I had no idea! Pilates is the best thing I've done to strengthen my body. Especially significant given two recent spine surgeries. Thank you Trisha!

~Terry T.

I've been taking pilates classes for just a few months but have really enjoyed them.  There are a ton of options which is really nice:  short lunch-time mat classes fit in with the work week really well but then it's nice to also add in longer evening classes. I've only tried the mat classes so can't speak to their several other class types.  There's always something new in the mat classes so never repetitive and target different strengths.

Primarily only taken classes with Heather and really like her style! She's easy to follow and has a nice tone to her instruction. She's really flexible and nice about scheduling and using the package too.

I've seen a few deals (Living Social & Groupon) around too so makes it more affordable to try out

~Kat M.

Trisha is very knowledgeable and very creative. She's been my Pilates instructor for almost 20 years (really?!). If she weren't worth it, I wouldn't drive the dreaded I-5 to get to her.

~Kathryn V.

My mom first introduced me to Trish's Pilates classes years ago when I was living in China and would come back for a visit in the summer. Since moving to Olympia, I have regularly been attending the mat classes with my mom the last 4 years. I love the way Trish works with us to tailor a package that meets our availability needs. Each class is always different (whether we use the Magic Circle, stretch band, springs, big exercise ball, small ball, sashes, giant rubber bands, or any combo of the previous) and matched to the needs of the individuals signed up. Trish always asks what part of our bodies are sore, sensitive, or need work.

Typically there are 6 in our group classes but sometimes we get even more attention with 3! I love it for how loosened and relaxed I feel after the hour. I could not keep up with all my hiking if it weren't for Pilates to get my out-of-whack body back in alignment and muscles loosened. While my core still isn't where I'd like it to be (genetics), I have little by little strengthened it and again PIlates works hand-in-hand with my hiking to make a me a stronger hiker with better balance and control on the trail.

Heather is also great and if Trish has to miss class for whatever reason, she lets you take Heather's classes. I love the bar Pilates as a change from my regular mat classes. You can sign up for a split package where you take classes from both instructors.

FYI, there are many other types of classes and a few other instructors, but my only experience has been with Trish and Heather.

~Bonnie M.

Pilates at Play is the real deal. Trisha is absolutely fabulous. Routines are never the same and she mixes it up with balls, springs, rolls, etc. She is so good at describing the moves with such imagery. It’s fun to see what she comes up with. Whether you’re interested in group mat classes or more private apparatus, this is the place. I have attended for 10 years now and love it! She also always suggests ways to make all levels of ability feel comfortable. The downtown location is wonderful and allows for a convenient way to experience Olympia before or after class for a bite to eat, drinks, and/or shopping. I would highly recommend Pilates at Play to anyone!

~Karla B.

What a great place to exercise and learn about your body. Trish and her daughter go above and excel in their performance. Their spirit
is relaxing yet challenging and is capable of helping you transform into whatever you like to be. 

~Susanna H.

I love the space at this colorful inviting studio! There is something for everyone/ all fitness levels!

~Wendy W.

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